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19. March 2008 - press statement
Percy Schmeiser receives compensation from Monsanto

Monsanto admits responsibility for genetically engineered contamination

In an out-of-court settlement between Percy Schmeiser and Monsanto, Monsanto has admitted its responsibility for the genetically engineered contamination of Schmeiser's canola (rapeseed) fields.

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18. February 2008 - Newspaper article Wimmera news (Australia) -
Professor warns of GM speaker
Wimmera news website
8. February 2008 -
Statement of Percy Schmeiser to allegations of Monsanto

8. February 2008 - Newspaper article The Independent (London) -
Pest evolves resistance to GM crops
The Independent Website

5. February 2008 - Newspaper article The Canberra Times (Australia) -
Look to Canada for GE solutions
The Canberra Times Website
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