Percy Schmeiser's press review

18. February 2008 - Newspaper article Wimmera news (Australia) -
Professor warns of GM speaker
Wimmera news website
8. February 2008 -
Statement of Percy Schmeiser to allegations of Monsanto

8. February 2008 - Newspaper article The Independent (London) -
Pest evolves resistance to GM crops
The Independent website

5. February 2008 - Newspaper article The Canberra Times (Australia) -
Look to Canada for GE solutions
The Canberra Times website
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25. January 2008 - Debate in the German Parliament - Vote on the law on genetic engineering:
Record of the session on 25 January 2008
German Parliament website

Here a translation of a quotation from the debate:
This quotation is given in German in the text document from line 142
The FDP (liberal) Member of Parliament
Mrs Dr. Christel Happach-Kasan is speaking:

It is certainly striking, fellow members of the House, that opponents of genetic engineering are bringing a convicted farmer here from Canada, ({interjections} objection by the SPD {the socialists}, the BÜNDNIS 90/ DIE GRUENEN {the greens} and the LINKEN {the left}) so that he can mobilize the public against genetic engineering with stories that are untrue. Farmers who want to disagree with him are prevented from doing so. Some opponents of genetic engineering are therefore clearly members of a sect. And it is precisely this sect that is helping the ruling coalition with this draft bill. ({Interjection from the Member of Parliament} Ulrike Hoefken [BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRUENEN {the greens}]: you must clone this speech!)

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Mail adress of Mrs Dr. Christel Happach-Kasan:

Comments (Juergen Binder):

We are currently checking legal aspects of these incorrect and defamatory statements by the Member of Parliament Frau Dr. Christel Happach-Kasan (FDP).

We will inform the public of any legal action against the Member of Parliament Frau Dr. Christel Happach-Kasan (FDP) at the appropriate time.
22. January 2008 - The Guardian London - Newspaper article:
Canadian farmer forces GM giant back to court
The Guardian website
17. Januar 2008 - Free radios - Interview:
Free radios website
23. January 2002 - - Newspaper article:
Monsanto Held Liable For PCB Dumping
WashingtonPost website