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Vandana Shiva
Vandana Shiva is an internationally recognized figure on the issues of globalization, patents and the protection of autochthonous seed. She is holder of the "Right Livelihood Award 1993" ("Diversity and freedom").
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Slow Food
It is thanks to Carlo Petrinis' initiative that eating habits and agrarian culture have come back into the public spotlight as original identity defining qualities of human society. His "Slow Food"- movement is growing not so slowly…
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Terra Madre
International agricultural conferences are normally the meeting place for the usual suspects: civil servants and lobbyists. "Terra Madre" is different: farmers, herdsmen, fishermen, stockmen, nomads, hunters, beekeepers, cheese makers, butchers, cooks, mushroom and truffle collectors are the guests of "Slow Food international" and the Italian Department of Agriculture. Despite a Babylonian mixture of languages, a source of inspiration and assurance.
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Knowledge brings with it the obligation to take action. What do you do when everything has been said? There are still everyday heroes out there.

This is a personal collection of links by Juergen Binder.
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GMWATCH collects and distributes articles, information, research and news about scandals related to the efforts of the multinationals to contaminate the world with genetically modified organisms and the public resistance that will prevent the spread of this high-risk technology.
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France has a lively culture of education and public involvement. Inf'OGM is a pool of information definitely worthy of reading.
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German information platform
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